Scott Miles, a native of Gastonia, North Carolina, wrote, produced and stars in Little Chicago.  He drew on his home town's colorful history as inspiration to create a fictional story, set in the present day, dealing with powerful themes of friendship and loyalty.  -->

Scott Miles stars as Cal Rowan (click to see larger)

<-- left
Actor Adrian Paul (best known for his starring role in the Highlander TV series) plays Frank, a mysterious figure who has his own reasons for being involved in the goings on of Little Chicago.
Actor Earl Poitier (Andre in Little Chicago) rehearses his next scene with writer, producer and star, Scott Miles.

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Cal's little brother, Jake (Josh Smith, in his first feature role) wrestles with his own issues and an exceptionally strong case of sibling rivalry.

Cal must fight for his life, and the life of his friend.

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Actor Parker Webb takes aim as "Two-Lane ."

Production Designer Matt Skala (left) and
Director of Photography J. Griffin Ricker (right)

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Returning from business school Cal tries to
persuade his father to invest in his new project.

Little Chicago
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